We hope that your ‘virtual visit’ to Cornerstone is as warm as the welcome you will ‘actually’ receive, worshiping with us. The pages of this web-site will give you an overview of our beliefs, and some details of our weekly programs, which are designed to help you grow and build a healthy and fruitful Christian life.

If you are looking for a place to worship and a spiritual home, or simply wanting to know more about the Christian life, please allow us the pleasure of meeting you.

Cornerstone comprises of people from many different nations, which in it self is amazing to experience. Our Sunday worship is conducted in English, however, whatever your mother tongue, God always seems to provide someone you can talk to.

Brothers and sisters,
As we know we are living in dire times and we see right before our eyes the signs of the end times unfolding worldwide.

However, we are not disturbed by it but rather persevere trusting in our Lord.